Acousticks is now blogging!

Welcome to the brand new Acousticks Recorder Consort blog page. We hope to be able to share upcoming events, tips and tricks we learned along the way and exciting recorder news in general.

Acousticks Recorder Consort (ARC) consists of three members: Anne Hess, Jennifer Weaver and Laurie Meyers.  All of us have played recorders for a number of years separately and joined together to play as ARC ten years ago and are based out of the Bangor Maine area. 

Acousticks Recorder Consort
Laurie Meyers, Anne Hess, Jennifer Weaver holding soprano recorders

We have played in a number of venues  and have studied with several fantastic professional recorder teachers which will be discussed in future blogs (we want to build up the anticipation factor!)

We look forward to having you follow along on our musical journey.


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